Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  I know how valuable every second of life can be and that does not escape me.  My appreciation for you is beyond words and my heart is full. 

So, about me…

Sometimes it is hard for me to define exactly who I am because I feel that I am constantly evolving. However, I do have constants – being a woman, wife, mother, and believer. Thus, the premise for this blog is to create a community for women that enjoy sharing, learning, and growing on life’s journey.

My new constant – QUEEN. Not royally (yet) but in my own right. I feel that it is my calling to help build women that may not see the queen in themselves. Occasionally, a gentle reminder may be needed but that is why Queendom exists.  I would love to host a haven for women to feel inspired, empowered, and embraced. My prayer is that everyone reading along gains what they need from this experience. Please feel free to join in on the discussions and share what is in your heart. You never know who needs to hear it!



My reign on the throne is my life’s journey. Each experience, good or bad, that I have undergone is unique to me and adds to my rich character and charm. Those experiences are the jewels in my crown. I OWN them, WEAR them, ACCEPT them!

Let’s get started!